The Space We Make: Steady Vinyasa to Yin

There are many ways to approach a hatha yoga practice and the postural practice of the poses or asanas.  Ha-tha means sun-moon.  We crave this balance.  Sometimes moving in a steady, fluid manner feels right while at other times we want to hold a pose or literally melt into the floor in relaxation.  This practice will offer the best of both.

The first half of this practice will create a bit of heat and openness in the body with steady, Vinyasa Flow yoga. During the second half of practice we will move into moderately held Yin yoga postures on the floor to create mobility for our joints and softness and nourishment for the nervous system.  We move and then we slow it down – all the while exploring the intelligent edge that provides just the right amount of effort/ease to bring us into presence. The last part of practice will conclude with deep rest (Savasana) and meditation.

Pre-registration is required for this practice (no drop ins) and will be offered in person only at Eden Yoga Shala (no virtual option).  The investment for the 2 hour experience is $28. We have a firm 48 hour cancellation policy for these events as they are only offered monthly with limited space in relation to demand. Please visit the workshops/special events section of the web page.