Wellspring: A Deep Winter Practice

Wellspring: a source of continuous supply, an abundant source of something.

We will practice deeply to rekindle the wellspring of energy, or prana, that exists within us.  What is this practice about?  Think: bandhas (internal physical and energetic locks), deep core, pranayama (breathwork), hips, twists, warmth, confidence-building, energy-stabilizing, and prana-fortifying.  We’ll also incorporate some mandala (circular) movement sequences into the practice to further churn our inner fire.

With winter in Maine upon us and the state of the world creating everyday intensity, it’s quite easy to lose our potency, our direction and our steadiness.  This Vinyasa Flow practice is intended to be a powerful, yet loving and supportive antidote. We’ll sweat and work, but we will also make time to rest, restore and re-set.  All levels are welcome.  Please join us!

Pre-registration is required for this class.