Vata Flow: A Practice to Support Seasonal Change

After the busy pace of summer, the turn toward fall can be a welcome one. It invites us to slow down, to take care and to prepare ourselves for a more introspective season. This transition, however, can be a challenge for many of us and the result of this difficulty can show up as imbalance or upset in the body and mind.

In the practice and science of Ayurveda, the doshas (mind/body types) have a relation to the cycles of the natural world. The dosha of Vata is connected to the season of Fall and its qualities are air, movement and change. This Vinyasa flow practice (sprinkled with bits of meditation to allow us to absorb our experience) will be about grounding and balancing the energy of the Vata dosha, aiding us in moving from one season to the next with ease and vitality of both body and mind. You can expect to move a lot, but also to slow down and pay attention.

Come reconnect to yourself, your yoga practice and your commitment to self-care.