Up-Tempo Flow: Get Moving!

A sweaty, cathartic journey on the mat awaits you!  Join us for an “out of the box” style practice.  Move, flow, blow off some steam, and then drop in—very deeply—to a restful state.

It’s safe to say that a lot of time is spent being sedentary in modern life. But our bodies are designed to move. To really move!  For those of you who have been craving a practice of true flow at a steadier pace, this is for you.  This will be a cathartic experience with a specially curated playlist to move us—from the inside out.

We’ll combine some non-traditional, repetitive movements with a steady flow of yoga poses and then complete the experience by dropping into soothing counter-poses, a sweet Savasana and a brief meditation. We will breathe deeply, sweat, get stronger, clear out the clutter in a big way and then drop into quiet and allow space to contemplate our experience.

All of this will be practiced in the spirit of “do what you can,” while paying close attention to the physical, mental and emotional state we find ourselves in and honoring all of it.