Temple of the Heart: Yang/Yin Yoga + Meditation

Temple of the Heart: Yang/Yin Yoga + Meditation 

Wednesday, May 25th 


In Person Only 

This special practice will be designed to help us open to what is by exploring our bodies, breath, and minds with sensitivity and compassion. Our asanas (yoga postures) will be geared toward the meridians (energy channels) in the body that open the shoulders, chest, lungs, and back body.  

Our time will be spent with approximately 10 minute centering with opening chant, 40 minutes of yang (active style practice), 40 minute of yin (passive style practice), 10 minutes of Savasana (deep rest), 20 minutes of guided meditation. Breath work will be woven throughout the practice. 

$28 fee for the 2 hour experience. 

Space will be limited and pre-registration is required for this in-person only practice (no drop ins). Please click on the link below to register. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours ahead of event time in order to receive a choice of refund (less cc fee) or a studio credit. 

Covid Protocol: 

Vax proof required. Masking is optional.

Register here  or visit the web page.