Sukha Flow: Shoulders, chest and upper back mobility to create freedom and ease

This practice will be centered on an area of the body where many of us carry chronic tension: the shoulders, chest and upper back.

Our physical and emotional life is squirreled away in our muscles, tendons, fascia and bones. When we take on the weight of the world in our upper body, we may find it difficult to breathe or to move through life with ease. In this practice, focused attention through Vinyasa Flow Yoga, myofascial release on tennis balls, and Yin Yoga will work to create mobility and a feeling of spaciousness so that we can experience life in our bodies with a feeling of balance, greater access to our breath and ultimately more joy.

This is a practice for all levels of practitioners (a little experience with Vinyasa Flow is helpful, but not necessary). Please contact me if you have any questions and feel free to spread the word!

Pre-registration is required to secure your mat space. These monthly practice typically sell out, so registering early is recommended.