Sthira Flow: Stable, Balanced & Open Hips/Sacrum/Lower Back

The low back, sacrum and hips join the lower body and the upper body – in our physical human experience, it is the intersection of heaven and earth. A steady and balanced amount of strength and openness is crucial here in order for us to feel at ease both physically and mentally.

This class will be both workshop-style (looking at and breaking down some commonly misaligned postures that can be injurious) as well as applied practice to explore how we can create stability and freedom.

This class will incorporate some Vinyasa Flow style practice and is appropriate for multiple levels of yogis (just a little previous yoga experience is recommended). Please do not attend if you have major/acute injuries of the spine, sacrum, or hips. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Pre-registration is required for this class.