Root to Crown: Full Chakra Flow

This special two-hour, all-levels yoga practice will focus on the energetic and emotional qualities of the Chakras, the seven major energy centers of the body.  These powerful centers can be accessed in yoga using physical postures and by tapping into breath practices, visualization, mudra, mantra, sound, and meditation. The chakras and their corresponding natural elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) will guide us from our toes to the crown of our head.  One of the things I love about chakra practice is the focused attention that brings us deeper into the subtle body; it feels like a balancing rinse for our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This workshop will help you realize the full spectrum of healing available through yoga when physical and energetic practices are combined.

Note that even if you’ve done chakra practices with me before, each one is different.  This is the last of my winter chakra series, and you do not need to have participated in the other practices to attend this one.  Space is limited, and pre-registration is required.  Please join me by signing up online, or if you would prefer to use cash or check payment, be in touch with me to arrange registration.