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On demand yoga videos give you unlimited access to these practices. You get to keep them forever! Save the links that are emailed to you in order to continue to access them.

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  • Meditation Bundle (3+ hours, 12 meditations) $45
  • Click HERE to purchase
    • Establishing the Breath (3 meditations)
    • Subtle Body: Chakras (3 meditations)
    • Divine Vibration: Mantra (3 meditations)
    • Gratitude, Peace and Loving-Kindness (3 meditations)
  • Heart Healing: Vinyasa, Breath & Mantra (45 minutes)  $10  Click HERE to purchase
  • Get Unstuck: Short Practices Bundle (Five practices; 2 hours, 10 minutes total) $27
  • Click HERE to purchase
    • Inner Warrior: Fun Core Flow (30 minutes)
    • Shoulder Scrub: Mobility/Stability (32 minutes)
    • Personal Flow: Current Favorites (37 minutes)
    • Quick Fix: Fingers, Wrists, Forearms, and Neck (15 minutes)
    • Pranayama and Meditation: Kapalabhati and Shushumna Nadi (16 minutes)
  • Raise Your Vibration: Front Body Opening / Dancer’s Pose (50 minutes)  $10  Click HERE to purchase
  • The Re-Set: Short Practices Bundle (Four practices, two hours total) $25
  • Click HERE to purchase
    • Flow for Creativity and Energy (32 minutes)
    • Hip and Hamstring Stability and Mobility Flow (35 minutes)
    • Yin Yoga for the Front Body (32 minutes)
    • Pranayama and Meditation: Nadi Shodhana and Chakra Meditation (20 minutes)
  • Clear It Out: Side Body Opening & Twists (47 minutes)  $10  Click HERE to purchase