Inversions: Preparation and Practice

Inversions can be a powerful and therapeutic aspect of the yoga asana practice, both from a physical and a mental standpoint.  Going upside down requires us to hone our attention in a very specific way.  This workshop will give you an opportunity to dive in deep, whether you’re new to inversions or you’ve been practicing them for a long time.  Having a confident and safe foundation is crucial.  If you are new to inversions and are intimidated: please come!  This is how you learn.  If you are experienced with inversions, it’s always beneficial to check in with a teacher, refine and explore variations and learn new things.

This workshop will be both mindful and playful in nature, as this is what turning upside down is all about.  Ample time will be spent learning about foundation: what needs to be engaged and open in order to support our inversions; and plenty of time to play, practice, experiment, ask questions and discuss.  You will determine what you feel comfortable attempting in this workshop:  working foundation and keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground, working at a wall for support, and working away from the wall (with safe spotting).

Students of all levels are welcome (from experienced beginners with a regular practice to intermediate/advanced).  Please, no acute injuries of the wrists, shoulders or neck.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Pre-registration is required to secure your mat space and this workshop will be limited to approximately 12 students, and will need a minimum of 5 students to hold the class.