Intelligent Intensity: Shoulders and Hips

During these shortest days of the year, turning to our practice can help us stay motivated, both on the mat and off.  This workshop will instill motivation and purpose through a focused and disciplined practice that helps us find our intelligent edge in a safe and compassionate way, with a journey toward a few “peak poses”.  Our shoulders, front body and hips will be the focus; pranayama practice (breath work) will bookend the experience.  Specific sequencing, with ways to either ramp up or modify, will be included.

Expect to work, to sweat, to have moments of intensity–and moments of repose.  The seat of the student is being willing to open yourself to the journey and respond moment to moment in a way that respects your path, as well as the work that is being offered to you.

If you are looking to go a little deeper in your practice, please join us!  Mixed levels are welcome.  Please email Heather if you have any questions.  Pre-registration is required for this practice.