Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class Description

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga combines physical practice with inner contemplation. This dynamic class flows through postural sequences at a slow and steady, yet intentional pace using the breath as a guiding force. Attention to body alignment and where we place our mind in the moment weave together to provide a holistic, mind-body-spirit experience. 

I enjoy offering a practice that allows both beginners and experienced students to moderate the level of intensity to honor the intelligent edge of their bodies. The Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and other tools of the practice teach us to engage in deep presence with what is and tap into the wisdom of the heart. 


I have been teaching Yoga since 2007 here on Mount Desert Island, my year-round home. With a background of practice and study in many different traditions of Yoga, I assimilate these influences to offer my students a rich and heartfelt experience. I consider Yoga a true gift to help us remember who we are.