Happy Heart, Shoulders & Neck

Many of us carry the weight of the world (and most of our stress) in our upper bodies.  Our neck, shoulders and upper back/chest are common recipients of physical and emotional tension.  A typical modern lifestyle with abundant technology use–hours spent sitting with poor posture–and day-to-day repetitive motion from common tasks can contribute to turning subtle tension into something chronic.

This will be a practice of differing styles to address both stability and mobility and leave you with a deeper sense of ease.  When we can sit up straight, open our chest, feel free in the shoulders and neck and take a truly deep breath…the world is a little brighter.

This practice will involve some Vinyasa Flow Yoga in addition to Hatha Yoga and a small portion of moderately held (not too long) Yin style postures.  Please, no existing acute injuries of the neck, shoulders or spine.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Pre-registration is required.