Exploring the Core with Uddiyana Bandha

The core is the center of our being.  Stability and cohesion in our center is crucial in order to move and access the rest of the body effectively and this, in turn, can create a feeling of solidity that ripples outward.  When our core is active and balanced, we may feel literally more solid, more stable, more capable, and more ready for what comes our way.

This yoga practice is intended to be a powerful, yet light-hearted and curious exploration of the center of our being on both the physical and energetic level.  The bandhas in yoga are translated as “seal, lock or bind”.  Bandhas are a way of connecting.  We’ll explore the bandha at the center of the body – Uddiyana Bandha.  Our time on the mat will also include some flowing sequences, Pranayama (breathwork), work with the hips, and a bit of twisting, all wrapped up in a smartly sequenced class.  We will practice deeply to rekindle the reserves of prana (energy) that exist within us in order to remember both our innate strength as well as our softness.

Pre-registration is required for this class.