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Eden Yoga Shala Studio Info, Directions, Parking

Welcome to Eden Yoga Shala

This page will be updated as changes are made. Please read thoroughly as some things have changed since 2020 and may continue to evolve over time.

  • Covid Protocol: Masking is optional at this time, but please feel free to mask if that is your preference. No vax proof required. Be considerate of the well being of our community by staying home if you feel unwell or are exhibiting any symptoms whatsoever. 
  • Bring your own mat if have one. You are welcome to use our mats and props if you like, but feel free to bring your own if that makes you more comfortable.
  • Ventilation: During warm weather months we will do our best to keep as many windows open as possible. During colder weather windows will be closed to keep the room comfortable so that you can relax. Two ceiling fans and two air purifiers will be running for the duration of all classes regardless.
  • Studio opens 15 minutes before class starts. You can wait on the studio deck, outside or in your car if you arrive early.
  • No drop ins. You must pre-register online. 
  • Classes will be running at limited capacity. We will also be Zooming the class, but no one will be on camera except for me.


Eden Yoga Shala is located at 138 Norway Drive, Bar Harbor.

From downtown Bar Harbor, follow Route 233 (also known as the Eagle Lake Road) out of town for 4 miles. You will pass Kebo Valley Golf Course, Eagle Lake, and Acadia National Park headquarters before descending a large hill. At the bottom of the hill, turn right onto Norway Drive. After a half mile, look on your left for a small sign attached to a tree with the numbers “138.”

Note that the driveway before 138, on the right, has a street sign and is called Iris Ledge Road. The driveway just after 138—also on the left—is called Erratic Way.

After entering the driveway, Eden Yoga Shala is the first building on your right.


Do Not Park on Norway Drive. Please pull into the driveway and you will be greeted and directed where to park.

Due to the nature of the parking configuration, students will need to plan on staying for the duration of each class, workshop, or event.

I prefer that students arrive before the scheduled class start time so you can more easily be directed where to park, but if you arrive late, please try to find a spot that does not block the driveway (it’s okay to block student cars).

A small flashlight or headlamp is recommended for classes that end (or begin) after dark.

Rates and Packages

Classes are currently pre-registered online only and no drop-ins are permitted. If you need another way to pay beyond what is offered online, please email me to do so.

Our studio is limited in capacity in relation to demand for mat spaces and therefor we are not currently offering class packages at a discounted rate. Please be in touch if cost is an issue for you and we will accommodate as best we can based on available space in our classes.

Reservation Cancellations and Refunds

Weekly classes have a 24 hour cancellation policy and special events and workshops have a 48 hour cancellation policy (unless otherwise noted). Be courteous and contact via email to cancel as we may have a wait list. No shows will not be refunded. Cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance or 48 hours for workshops/events are eligible for either a refund (less credit card fee) or a studio credit for future use.

Private Yoga Sessions – 24 hours before scheduled start time or there will be a full charge. There may be certain private bookings that require more advance notice and will be communicated to you in advance of booking.

Class Cancellations and Schedule Changes

Last-minute class cancellations for inclement weather or teacher illness will be posted at least two hours before the scheduled class start time via email, on the yoga web page and on our social media pages.

Please include your cell phone number on your online reservation form in case we need to be in touch last minute.

Join my email list as well to get email notifications for last minute cancellations or other changes.

Arrival, Sign-in and Payment

The studio is open 15 minutes before start time for weekly classes and 30 minutes before workshops and special events. If you arrive early, please either wait on the beautiful deck to the left of the studio, outside anywhere you like or in your vehicle if you prefer.

Age Requirement

Minimum age of 15 years old to participate. Feel free to check in if you have children who are just slightly younger than this who have yoga experience. Sorry, these classes are not appropriate for younger children. Students under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver before they can participate in a class or workshop. Feel free to contact me to have a waiver emailed to you if you cannot accompany your child to their first class.

What to Bring and Wear

Yoga mat if you own one. You are welcome to use our mats and props, but feel free to bring your own if it makes you more comfortable.

Your mask. Masking is optional at this time (this policy can change, so see our home page for updates), but having one with you will allow you to choose to mask at any time.

A closed-top water bottle. We have water and cups, but try to cut down on disposable waste and appreciate it when you remember your bottle.

Wear clothing that allows for freedom of movement and makes you feel comfortable. Yoga is typically practiced barefoot, but again please do what is comfortable for you.

Pre-existing Conditions and Injuries

It is your responsibility to inform me of any pre-existing conditions, injuries, illness, or pregnancy and to receive prior authorization, if necessary, from your healthcare provider prior to starting a yoga practice. I want to accommodate you, so please come early to discuss anything that you feel I need to know.


If you are experiencing Covid symptoms (or have been around anyone who has or is suspected to have Covid), are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, please do yourself—and the rest of us—a favor and skip class and rest until you are not contagious.

New to Yoga

If you are new to yoga, please let me know before class. While prior yoga experience can be helpful as the classes are somewhat active in nature, it is not a prerequisite. My classes are not intended to be exclusive or only for “advanced” students.  Be adventurous; students of all levels of yoga experience – including those who have never practiced yoga before – have enjoyed my classes. I pride myself on offering as many modifications and choices during practice as possible and you are always encouraged to work at your own comfort level.

Late Arrivals

Do your best to arrive early or by class start time, but when the inevitable interruptions in life occur, keep your late arrival to a maximum of ten minutes if possible so that you do not create disturbance in the class.

If you arrive late, please wait until opening meditation and chanting ends before entering class, or sit and join the meditation without unrolling your mat and disrupting the stillness.

Early Departures

The nature of our parking arrangement here on the property does not always allow us to leave your vehicle free to leave early.  Additionally, staying for the entire yoga class (including the relaxation near the end – aka Savasana – and our seated meditation) is an important part of the experience.  It is disruptive to have students leaving when not absolutely necessary. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please notify the parking attendant when you arrive. If they are able to accommodate where you park, they will, but we cannot make any promises that this will be possible.


• No shoes upstairs in the practice area
• Unless you have an emergency, are a medical professional on call, or a family situation you must monitor, there are no cell phones or smart watches upstairs in the practice area. Please remember to either turn off your cell phone/smart watch or put it in airplane mode before you head upstairs for practice.
• Please leave your personal belongings in the entry area on the first floor; it is safe to do so. I prefer to leave the practice space free of bags and clutter for aesthetic, energy and safety reasons.


Eden Yoga Shala is a beautiful practice space that is light-filled and surrounded by trees and the peaceful quiet of rural Bar Harbor. A restroom and a changing space are available; however, there is no shower.

If you have any questions about my studio or class offerings, please feel free to contact me by email.