Core & Twists: Strengthening Resolve and Releasing Expectations

After a long Maine winter (and what is shaping up to be a chilly Maine spring), a practice to re-establish our strength and steady us in our center is yogic medicine we can all appreciate.

This practice will be both a practical application of the idea of utilizing our entire core (not just the abdominals), as well as considering the things we store away that might be creating imbalance. Through a strong and healthy inner body, we bolster our reserves and remember that our core essence is always there no matter what. Additionally, we will use twisting postures to wring out stagnancy and to clear away energetic garbage to release expectation and hold more space inside.  You can consider this practice a physical and emotional re-set to remember your innate strength.  From that place of strength, we may find even more softness, more sweetness, and the ability to sit in the flow of our lives with a calmer center.

This will be a Vinyasa Flow practice for multiple levels of practitioners.  Modifications will be offered.  Those who are experienced beginners and beyond will find this practice appropriate.  You can expect to work and sweat in this class.  This is not a gentle class and the room will be warm, but do not be intimidated!

If you have any questions about whether or not this practice is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact Heather.