Chakra Flow: Earth and Water

This class will be one of two Vinyasa Flow yoga practices for all levels that will focus on the energetic and emotional qualities of the Chakras; the major energy centers of the body.  These powerful centers can be accessed in a yoga practice using physical postures and by tapping into breath practices, visualization, mudra, mantra, sound and meditation.

This practice will focus on the first and second chakras: the lower body and hips, which are associated with the elements of earth and water.  The August practice will focus on the third and fourth chakras: the core and heart, which are associated with fire and air. Each of these practices will also move into the upper chakras (fifth, sixth and seventh) via chanting, visualization and meditation to create a complete experience.  You are welcome to take these practices separately or consecutively. 

When we learn how to use our yoga as medicine to organize our energy and observe our emotions, a greater level of health, peace and balance is possible.  This immersion will aim to help you realize the full spectrum of healing that is available through yoga when physical and energetic practices are combined.

Pre-registration is required.