Nourish: Yang to Yin

There are many ways to approach a Hatha yoga practice, the postural practice of the poses or asanas. Ha-tha means sun-moon, and we crave this balance. Sometimes moving in a steady, fluid manner feels right, while at other times we want to hold a pose — or melt into the floor in relaxation.

My September offering of a slow Vinyasa flow-style practice that merged into a Yin practice was a huge hit and I’ve had many requests for more. This will be a different sequence than the September practice but will offer the same opportunity to get on the mat, create a bit of heat and openness in the body, and drop into moderately-held Yin postures on the floor to create length and some hydration in our connective tissues, tendons, and joints. Move and then slow it down. Watch the mind to see if it follows suit and perhaps you’ll find yourself in a puddle of bliss. Please join me for this merging of two styles of Hatha practice.

Pre-registration is required for this practice. You may register in the Workshops section of the website if you would like to pay by credit/debit/PayPal (No PayPal account required), or you can contact me if you prefer cash or check payment.