The Spaces In Between: Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

Yoga has many facets and our modern, western take on the practice has become largely focused on physical postures (asanas).  These shapes keep us mobile, strong and aligned, but the original intent was to prepare us to come to stillness and to drop into the deeper, more subtle practices of pranayama (breath work) and meditation.  It’s these spaces in between our breath and our thoughts where the magic really lies.  This workshop will give us more time to dive into the breath and the mind than we typically have available during a weekly drop-in class.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 1 hour of asana (nothing super fancy – just good old fashioned postures to get your hips, spine and chest prepared to sit and breathe with ease)
  • 10 minute Savasana (deep rest)
  • 20 minute guided Pranayama practice*
  • 5 minute Savasana
  • 20 minute guided meditation and closing chant*

*The pranayama and meditation sessions will be offered using traditional teachings that have passed from my teachers directly to me.

Whether you have been practicing yoga for a long time or are new to the practice, this workshop will suit you.  Some basic familiarity with common postures will be helpful, but we will not take advanced shapes in this practice.

You will be provided with a blanket, two blocks and a yoga mat (or feel free to bring your own mat).  It may be helpful to bring a meditation cushion (if you have one) or an extra blanket and/or a pillow to make the sitting portions more comfortable.

The investment for this 2-hour experience is $25.  Pre-registration is required.