Summer Solstice Practice 2023

Summer Solstice Practice: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation

Wednesday, June 21st 5:30-7:30PM

Summer Solstice is a time of celebration – of the fullness of the season, the potential for growth, and the light and power of the sun.  It is a reminder that we contain the power within us, much like the sun, to nurture and sustain.  Harnessing that power creates the opportunity to step into our fullest expression of who we can be.  The traditions in many cultures of Solstice celebrations provide a chance to give thanks for the abundance in the natural world and to remind us of our connection beyond ourselves to all beings.

This will be a steady, thoughtful and uplifting multi-level Vinyasa Flow practice that will include some extra time for aspects of yoga that often get breezed over in a shorter, weekly format class.

Here is what you can expect:

-Grounding, centering pranayama (breath practice)

-Opening chant

-Intention setting for the practice

-Warm up for the joints

-Activating asanas (postures) and enlivening movement (a bit of vigor to stir things up!)

-Restful asanas to rejuvenate and support your energy replenishment

-Savasana with beautiful sounds to integrate the impact of practice

-Balancing Pranayama

-Mantra chanting

-Guided meditation

Pre-registration is required for this practice at the link below (no drop-ins please).

Early registrations are very helpful so that I know there is enough support to hold this event, so please jump in! Tell a friend to sign up and join you and make a date of it.

The investment for the 2 hour practice is $28. If you prefer to pay by check, cash, or Venmo rather than with a credit or debit card – please email me. All special events have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Click HERE to register