Online Reservation Information for Weekly Classes

Use of the online reservation system is OPTIONAL. While the reservation system is recommended, you always have a drop in option (space permitting, of course).  Workshops and special events are the exception: for these classes a reservation is absolutely required.

Understand that this reservation system may only be necessary at certain times of the year.  If you come regularly and notice that the class you attend is often full or near full, you may decide that reserving a spot in advance is a better option so that you’re not turned away. In the quieter months when classes don’t regularly fill up, you can just drop in (or consider reserving a spot as a way of committing to your practice).

There is a Single Class purchase option and a Pre-paid Class Package option in the reservation system. 
To make a Single Class purchase: click the SIGN UP button for the class you wish to attend; a tab will open with the Reservation Form. After completing the form, click PAY NOW to purchase a Single Class for $16 using PayPal.

If you are signing up multiple people, you will need to make an individual reservation for each student.  Please put each person’s name on the individual reservations.  You may use your class pass for a family member or friend.

To make a Pre-paid Class Package purchase: click the SIGN UP button for the class you wish to attend; a tab will open with the Reservation Form. After completing the form, click the PAY LATER button. Please do not use the PAY LATER option unless you have a class package and you’re certain it is still valid, meaning there are classes left on your pass and it has not expired (packages are good for one year).  If you are uncertain, please choose the Single Class purchase option explained above and speak with me when you arrive to check the status of your class package for use at your next class.

Acuity is used for registration. PayPal handles payments. One way to simplify the registration process (although not required) is to create a personal PayPal account. It is free, easy and secure. 

There are a fixed number of mat spaces in the online inventory for each class. The reservation system allows you to see existing inventory, so you will know when a class is sold out.  If a class is sold out, there is no need  to contact me to find out if there is space. If the system sells you a spot, that means you’re in!

A confirmation email will be sent to you from Acuity (the scheduling software).  If you are not sure if your reservation has gone through, check the email you entered when you registered and see if you got a confirmation.  Be sure to enter your email address correctly or the email will bounce.   

Cancellations, refunds and credits. Class cancellations (which must be done by EMAIL only) made within three hours of class start time will receive a credit to be applied to a future weekly class (not applicable towards workshops). Example:  If class begins at 5:30PM, a cancellation made before 2:30PM will be eligible for a credit.

If you chose the “class package” option to make a reservation and have to cancel, if you are eligible for a credit I will not deduct a class from your card.

If you don’t live locally and cannot use the credit another time, a refund (minus a $1 PayPal admin fee I’m charged) will be credited to the credit card you paid with.

All cancellations made less than three hours before class time will be non-refundable (this includes class package reservations: a class will be deducted from your package).

No-shows will not be refunded and you will be charged the full amount or your class package will be charged for one class, whichever is applicable.  

Reservations will open the day after a class for the following week’s class. Example: Monday night class registration will open on Tuesday of the week before.

Reservations can be made on the website ONLY.  There will be no option to email, Facebook message, call, or text message to reserve a spot—it is hard for me to say this as I consider my students my friends, but we have to keep this simple and feasible.  In addition, in the hours leading up to classes and workshops, I must preserve time for my personal practice and teaching prep, and therefore I cannot be available for last minute inquiries.

My intention
It upsets me when students make an effort to attend a class but are turned away when we are full. Offering a reservation system is my way of making sure that you get a mat space and that demand for classes doesn’t adversely affect attendance.

If you are uncertain of your schedule and cannot commit to making a reservation, remember, you can always just show up and take your chances or, wait until right before class to go online and reserve a spot.

While I realize that this system does require a bit of extra planning, please know that I’m doing this to assure that we’re all able to thrive here together.  I want to grow our Eden Yoga Shala community with no sad faces being turned away. I love you!

Thank you for supporting me and for contributing to the beautiful practices here.  I’m ever grateful for all of you.