Mantra Mornings

Every Saturday morning at 8:25AM east coast time (for 20-25 minutes) we will gather together virtually on Zoom and work with the deep practice of mantra. Zoom room opens at 8:20. Zoom access for these classes will go out on Fridays with the Saturday yoga class information (check your spam!). Join my email list if you are not already on it.

While mantra is said to be a tool of the mind, it is a way to help us move from the head to the heart. Sanskrit mantras from the Hindu tradition will be offered. I will be reciting and then chanting them for you (sometimes with the accompaniment of harmonium or percussion) and you are welcome to approach this practice several different ways. You can recite the mantra aloud, you can recite the mantra internally (silently) or you can chant/sing the mantra aloud. All ways are powerful and impactful. Participants will be muted for practice, so please do not feel intimidated as you are not required to chant or recite these for anyone but yourself. We will close each practice with a minute or two of silent, personal prayer.

These practices will be recorded so if you cannot attend live, a 48 hour access is available. I do want to say that the live gathering of spiritual community, or satsang, is very powerful. Even though we are doing this through a screen, please consider showing up live whenever you can! You will be glad you did. I’m happy to offer recordings if you cannot show up live. Simply make your donation and then email me to let me know that you would like to request access.

These practices are offered to you by donation. Please see the payment section in the weekly classes area of the web page. You can use the “Pay any amount by PayPal” or “Pay any amount by Venmo” options. Please put “mantras” in your payment note to help me keep track. If you are also joining in for Saturday yoga class, feel free to group the two payments into one using this method. If you prefer to pay another way (check/cash), please be in touch with me. Also know that this is an offering from the heart and if you are unable to donate, please still show up.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Om Shanti!