Eden Yoga Shala is located at 138 Norway Drive, Bar Harbor.

From downtown Bar Harbor, follow Route 233 (also known as the Eagle Lake Road) out of town for 4 miles. You will pass Kebo Valley Golf Course, Eagle Lake, and Acadia National Park headquarters before descending a large hill. At the bottom of the hill, turn right onto Norway Drive. After a half mile, look on your left for a small sign attached to a tree with the numbers “138.”

Note that the driveway before 138, on the right, has a street sign and is called Iris Ledge Road. The driveway just after 138—also on the left—is called Erratic Way.

After entering the driveway, Eden Yoga Shala is the first building on your right.


Due to parking limitations at some times of the year, mat spaces will be decreased unless there is carpooling.  If you are going to carpool with a friend or family member, please let us know ahead of time.  This allows us to add extra mat spaces to be able to allow room for all who desire to practice.  To be in touch about your carpooling plans, either email Heather or text her at:  207-669-5313.  Your communication on this is super helpful.  Thank you!

Do Not Park on Norway Drive. Please pull into the driveway and you will be greeted and directed where to park.

I prefer that students arrive before the scheduled class start time so you can more easily be directed where to park, but if you arrive late, please try to find a spot that does not block the driveway (it’s okay to block student cars). Due to the nature of the parking configuration, students will need to plan on staying for the duration of each class or workshop.

A small flashlight or headlamp is recommended for classes that end (or begin) after dark.