Agni Bhavana: Building and Tending Your Inner Fire

The Sanskrit term Agni means fire.  Bhavana means cultivating, feeling or sentiment.  Agni Bhavana could be described as a well-spring of power and light in our being.  With mid-winter in Maine upon us and the state of the world creating everyday intensity, it is quite easy to lose our fire, our potency and our steadiness.  This Vinyasa Flow practice is intended to be a powerful yet loving and supportive antidote to just that.

What is this practice about?  Think: bandhas, deep core, breath, hips, warmth, confidence-building, energy-stabilizing, and prana-fortifying.  This is a practice to make you remember your strength and your inner light so that you can stand in your truth and shine brightly no matter what.

This class will be geared toward the experienced beginner-to-intermediate student who has a bit of familiarity with Vinyasa Flow yoga and doesn’t mind a bit of sweat and work.  We will, of course, allow plenty of time to wind down and recharge as well.  Please don’t be intimidated!  If you are not sure if that experience level describes you, email me.

Pre-registration is required for this class.