Causeway Club Yoga Information

Causeway Club Yoga Class Information & Policies for 2022

These classes run from June 29-September 2 and will be held indoors on Fridays 9:00-10:30AM in the Red Barn and Wednesday 8:00-9:15AM outdoors by the oceanside pool. Please note that the outdoor class meets in the Red Barn in the case of inclement weather (details below).

  • No drop ins permitted due to limited capacity. You must pre-register online. Registration is directly through the Heather Murray Yoga web page (not the Causeway Club).
  • For INDOOR classes only, text your vax card before class to 207-669-5313 for your first visit. Only vaccinated individuals are allowed into my INDOOR classes at this time. That policy will likely change over time. For the outdoor class, no vax required. Indoor classes will run at limited capacity and outdoor classes will still have distancing between mats.
  • Masks are optional, but bring it with you. Although indoor classes will be only for those fully vaccinated at this time and masks will be optional, please bring yours so that you can choose to mask at any time. Masks are always welcome. This is a judgment free zone.
  • Bring your own mat/props. The Causeway Club is not a yoga studio and therefore there are no mats or props stored there. If you need to borrow a mat or props for a class, please be in touch at least one day before class (text 207-669-5313). A towel on the grass works well in a pinch in place of a yoga mat for the outdoor class.
  • Bring an extra layer. We will do the best we can to keep as many windows/doors as possible open for the indoor class when it’s warm and dry. Ceiling fans will also be running. The outdoor class is near the ocean, so dress accordingly. You may also want to bring sunscreen and a hat for outdoor classes and water for both classes.
  • Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before class starts.
  • Classes are an active form of yoga called Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. A full class description can be found on my web page. Be in touch with me if you are not sure if the class is right for you or if you have questions.
  • Cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice, but please be courteous and get in touch if you cannot attend and need to cancel as we may have a wait list. No shows are non-refundable.
  • Weather info for outdoor classes is listed below.
  • There is a restroom for your use at both class locations.

Directions: The Causeway Club is located at 10 Fernald Point Road, in Southwest Harbor. Please park in the large lot by the Red Barn. Follow the road beside the Red Barn (called North Causeway Lane) to walk to the pool and tennis courts area. Give yourself about 7 minutes.  DO NOT DRIVE TO THE POOL AREA. The entry to the pool area is located between the tennis courts and the pool building. Take the first gate on the left to reach the pool. Yoga practice will be on the lawn between the pool and the ocean. Available mat spaces will be marked.

Parking: For indoor classes at the barn, you can park in the lot right in front of the barn. For outdoor classes, you MUST park in the lot by the Red Barn at the Causeway Club and WALK down North Causeway Lane (1/3 mile, 7-min walk) to the pool and tennis court area where the yoga class is held. Parking is not permitted for yoga students at the pool and tennis courts area — no exceptions — as they need the space down there for the tennis players in the morning.

Cancellations and Weather: To cancel for a class, 24 hours notice is required for a refund (less fee), but please let me know if you must cancel, as I may have a wait list. Outdoor classes will be held in the Red Barn if the weather is inclement. When you park at the Red Barn, check to see if I am in the barn if you are uncertain of the weather conditions before you walk to the outdoor class location. We do not change location for foggy, cloudy or chilly days – this is Maine after all.

Illness: You are expected to refrain from participating if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, the flu, the common cold, or are generally feeling unwell. If you have been around someone who has Covid-19 or is suspected of having it, please do not attend class.